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George Winston: December - Full Album

December (1982)
Composed and Performed by George Winston.

1 - Thanksgiving - 0:00
2 - Rest Your Head - 4:07
3 - Joy - 6:51
4 - Prelude - 10:08
5 - Carol of the Bells - 11:25
6 - Night (Snow) - 15:25
7 - Night (Midnight) - 17:21
8 - Night (Minstrels) -
9 - Variations on the Kanon - 21:25
10 - The Holly and the Ivy - 26:49
11 - Some Children See Him 31:46
12 - Peace - 35:39
Saori Kido : Já se faz tarde... prometo ver todo o álbum...
Real HIFI Help : Very nice. Thanks.
Al : I lived in Venezuela and my dad was friends of the guy who represented Universal Records there. He gave us a number of records but the one which caught my eye was one with a pretty picture of trees in the snow. I heard Canon in D and thought "How can a song be so incredibly gorgeous????". This song and album have always been part of my life
Scott Saftler : This was the first CD I ever bought in the 1980s and it has been one of those soothing collections for me. Recovering from brain surgery right now and this clears my head for sleep at night.
Raquel Arocho : The HOSPICE nurse came in and said, " you need to put classical music on for your mom". In a flash I remembered my little tape from 30 years ago that I played over and over again until I had to buy a new one. Now listening again with mom as she rests in her deep deep sleep. George Winston FOREVER FROM DECEMBER TO DECEMBER.

unknxwn - december (lyrics)

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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru


Am i real? am i fake?
every path that i take always sends me right back to the start of the maze
lost in a haze of the sh*t that was broken, i can't really say if i'm happy or hopeless
fuck it, you think it matters it doesn't, what does? i can say for sure that not love
every connection i had it was all lust, look at 'em now, they're so beautiful, all dust

ashes of pa**ion, could never imagine that what really has would have ever have happened
from crying to laughing, from peace to me spazzin', i used to have drive but i f*cked up and crashed it
i'm still alive but i wish i could die, told me the truth when i wish you would lie
cause sometimes the fantasy's all that i need, real isn't something i'm ready to be

valentine in december
you say you love me but you don't remember
i named, you caused me pain
all girls are the same in the end

this whole year been dumb sh*t
i lie and say that i'm making it better but i ain't did nothing
said that i quit drugs but i'm still out here buzzin'
whenever however so i can feel something

nicotine in me suppress the anxiety
i can't get out that's inside of me
i lie to you so it's cool if you lie to me
tell me sweet nothings, just for the time at least

cause i want what i don't need
don't want you but don't leave
i might be a d*ck but i'm worse when i'm lonely
i'll write a quick line bout the time you were still here
i'm so indecisive like b*tch why you still here?

i'm sorry that i'm not, it be like that
i won't tell you when i leave, like be right back
i don't open up but when i do i needed that
you think i'm going down the wrong path and i agree with that
kevin santiago : anyone else add this to their playlist when it was on spotify but now it jus doesn’t play?
Gökay DEĞER : Why dont have spotify
Noah Ac : Valentine in december.
Lenny Lenny : wie heist der anime
Darkzz Dark : Name of anime?

George Winston - December (1982) [Full Album]

The complete 1982 studio album "December" by George Winston.

1. Thanksgiving (0:00)
2. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (4:07)
3. Joy (6:53)
4. Prelude (10:08)
5. Carol of the Bells (11:25)
6. Night, Part One: Snow (15:25)
7. Night, Part Two: Midnight (17:20)
8. Night, Part Three: Minstrels (19:15)
9. Variations on the Kanon by Johann Pachelbel (21:22)
10. The Holly and the Ivy (26:46)
11. Some Children See Him (31:42)
12. Peace (35:35)

I do not own any of this content.
Susan B : I used to listen to this album every Christmas season starting about 40 years ago. I have it on cassette somewhere in my basement, with nothing but a sad little boom box to play it on.
the수진 : 39:41
한윤영 : 메리 크리스마스~!! 좋아요~! 감사합니다~~♡
鈴木重雄 : 私の心の故郷 人生の苦しみを和らげてくれた曲 私の涙が一杯詰まった曲。
한운 : 광고가 너무 많아요




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